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DreamKeeper: Dakota plays as "Dirty Belly" in this mini series. It's Grandpa's duty to share the legend of his people, he is the storyteller of  Pine Ridge Reservation. Shane Chasing Horse ( grandson ) has been given a chance to prove himself worthy of his heritage, by delivering Grandpa to the All Nations ceremony in New Mexico. 2003

Distant Drumming : Dakota revised his role as "Teevee Tenia" in this  television movie.

Another Country: Dakota revised his role as "Teevee Tenia" in this two-hour television movie. Teevee is on an exciting business trip to calgary, that takes him through the city's bistros and back streets,  and finally into hell. He finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A troubled young Native woman reaches out to him for help. While setting him up by someone who knows the system well, for a charge of murder. Teevee is the perfect fall guy...young alone and Native. An Alberta Filmworks Production. Air on the network next season. The fourth North Of 60 movie. They began shooting on location in Calgary, and Bragg Creek, Alberta. March 14...CBC

Trial By Fire:(Dakota revised his role as, "Teevee Tenia.") Is a murder mystery, Peter ( Tom Jackson ) builds a hotel facility in Lynx River called, "Noda Deh Lodge." The night of the opening a fire sets the lodge in flames with a man inside. ( CBC 1/16/00 )

In The Blue Ground:( Dakota revised his role as, "Teevee Tenia" ) Brian Fletcher,( Robert Bockstael) the mountie that disappeared in the bush returns to terrorize the town. ( CBC 3/28/99 )  90 minutes.

A Wrinkle In Time ( Story Studio 2000) : Dakota plays, "Charlie Whitehorse" a teen who feels guilty about his parents seperation. His dad moved to the city, Charlie wonders if it was his fault. Nathaniel Arcand plays, as Charlie's grandfather. Episode 15 minutes.

Blood Money 01/24/00 : In this film Dakota plays a man named "Dog Coller" the door man for a strip bar. 94 mins

The Creator's Game 1999: Dakota plays lead role in this feature film as, "Daniel Cloud."  Daniel learns about what leadership is and about what his destiny in life is, through teaching. (A grad student who leaves his reservation back to school with the notion he will be coaching football, that term.)

Legends: The Story of Siwash Rock 1999: Dakota plays, the lead role in this short film. This film is about a young man ( Andrew ) who must proove himself worthy of fatherhood. At the hour of his child's birth, through a, "Anciet Coast Salish Ritual" he recives critisim from his bride to be and friends, to  be about his desire to go back to the old ways.   24 mins

X Files: Anasazi, The Blessing Way, 1995/96: Dakota plays as, "Eric Hosteen" ( In both episodes )  A young Navijo man whose family gives Mulder refuge and a place to heal. When he is left for dead by the Goverment Military. Dakota guest starred in the season third final and fourth opener of the "X Files.

Medicine River 1992 : In this film Dakota plays, "Elwood."  Elwood plays on the town's basketball team. 96 mins

Diviners 1992 : Dakota plays, "Skinner" he is a descendant of the "Me tis hero Jules Tonnerre." He plays the love interest of the main character, from the ages 12-14. Tom Jackson, plays the role in the later years( a fellow North Of 60 actor).

Axcess Network 1992 : Two 30 min docu-dramas made for the Axcess Network : The first was entitled, "Construction" Dakota played the principle role as a construction worker. The docu- drama had some safety in the work place theme.
The second was entitled: "math Skills" Dakota  played a subject in the king's court. Where he had to go to the king with a proposal to eliminate the waste in the kingdom. Somehow they encorporated math into it. Dakota did these two docu-dramas in the early years of his career.